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We both love writing fanfiction, and crossovers seem to be a natural subgenre of fics.  So we plan to post our crossovers here.  We have only one here so far, but the links below will take you to ones we've posted elsewhere.

What's Here

Middle-earth Nine:  Anthology -- Monkees, Beatles, Dixie Chicks, and more--as only the Fellowship can sing them!  (The track list is also an index; you can click on each title to go directly to ones you haven't read, or you can click the disc button to view each disc.)

Outside Links

Rose's Fanfic Section (includes the Power Vikki and Remote Control series)
Jean's Monkees Fanfiction (temporarily down) and The New Red Book of Westmarch (coming soon)
Sidewalk Stories (includes the Chalkie round-robin "novel," Where the Sidewalk Ends)
Rose's Stories
Jean's Stories
Collaborations (just ME9 right now, but more may come)

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